Creative Consulting. What does that mean? Great Question.

We help design a plan to help you communicate: about your company, to your clients, to your customers, and to your partners. 

Before we offer to build or create something for you, we know your need someone who lives outside the box to give you an honest perspective & to take the time to help you create & communicate effectively.

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We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our corporate clients. All of the tools you use to capture the attention of customers, clients, staff, & vendors in your market - we can design them. 

Using things like...

Graphic Design   Photography

Video Production   ​Web Design

Messaging   Advertising

Marketing (Yes, that's what we do.)

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Creative Services


Welcome to Soul Searching Studios. An Entertainment and Creative Services Studio. From Television Shows to Movies, Commercials to Digital Content, Web Design to Graphics, We help you - SaySomething 

Soul Searching Studios. We create entertainment that stirs the soul.

How can we work together? Great Question. We can help you in three unique ways. Check out the menus below or email Brandon Keever directly

We love to tell stories. We are actively Producing, Television shows, Feature Films, Documentaries, and Web series.

Sometimes we produce work for clients, sometimes we produce work ourselves, and sometimes AWESOME people partner with us through investing to create amazing content.

We also love partnering with other production companies and independent producers to tell amazing stor 

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